Baker's Corner GF Brownie Review

Hey all!

    Just trying to get through a few blog entries tonight that I've been meaning to post for a while. And one of those is a review of a Gluten Free Brownie mix that The Butcher and I decided to try this past weekend.
    We decided to take a trip to Aldi's as neither of us had ever been... What can I say? We were curious. And as the poor young people that we are, Aldi's was a hit. We got a ton of food for really cheap. And honestly, so far none of the food has been disappointing.
    When we got home from the store, we had to make many trips from the trunk of my car to the house, as Aldi's makes you purchase their shopping bags. (Needless to say, we are too cheap to buy those. lol). In the mess of carefully carrying all the groceries, The Butcher had decided to surprise me with a box of Gluten Free Brownie Mix by Baker's Corner. I honestly had no idea that Aldi's even carried a product like this.

The GF Brownies
    Okay, to be honest this Brownie Mix wasn't terrible at all! Maybe that's because I haven't had many baked goods since I went gluten free.  :-P  I'm going to keep this review short. These brownies were chewy and gooey in all the right places. The flavor was there- just the right amount of chocolate and sweet. They reminded me almost of normal brownies, with the exception of one thing... (and I almost hate to admit this, because I don't want to deter anyone from trying these... but...) they were slightly "chalky." I'm not complaining though, because honestly that was the only down side. (And it really wasn't that bad.) But, a saving grace is that, like all Aldi's products, these brownies were relatively cheap at about $3.99 a box! Can't beat that. So, go try these brownies when you get a chance!!


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