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Asian Feast (for the eyes and the stomach)

Last night I tried my hand at some restaurant style Asian dishes. Both dishes were inspired by two of my favorite restaurant dishes. The first, Chicken Lettuce Wraps, were inspired by PF Chang's popular wraps. It's hard to not go into a PF Chang's, and order lettuce wraps immediately, to start the meal! They are delicious, and crunchy - and feel like a cheat dish, even though they are super healthy. My recipe below, is an adaptation of Chef John's, from Food Wishes. (I'll link his video below.) The chicken comes out slightly caramelized, yet juicy and savory. I also created a "dipping" sauce to spoon over the wraps, that added a spicy bite (see bottom of blog entry)!  The next recipe was inspired by Cooper's Hawk Winery's Asian Slaw. Whenever I visit Cooper's Hawk, I am torn on what to order because so many of their dishes are fresh and flavorful. But, I always find myself going back to that slaw! My recipe features an oil and vinegar based d…

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